Dubai Land Department Unveils New Strategic Plan for 2026

dubai land department

As part of its new strategic plan, Dubai Land Department (DLD) has unveiled its vision for the next decade, defining its characteristics and landmarks.

During the next phase, the department’s strategic plan will be designed by employees, partners, and customers.

DLD will begin by launching quick-gain initiatives to adapt to the proposed changes. By empowering the real estate sector and the DLD, and providing necessary support to ensure smooth implementation, the second stage is empowerment. To achieve a sustainable impact, the scope of influence must be expanded to cover a global real estate market.

As the UAE cements its position on comprehensive and sustainable development via notable achievements at all levels, DLD’s updated strategy was announced at a crucial moment.

The final version of the strategy is the result of continuous efforts by certain team members at DLD to ensure that the results are compatible with current and future developments and practices worldwide. In addition to enhancing the real estate sector’s contribution to Dubai’s GDP, the new strategy supports the strategic objectives of other sectors in the city.

Opportunities and challenges within five main pillars

During the preparation of the new strategic plan, a number of pioneering and proactive ideas emerged, the most prominent of which were five key pillars. 

Dubai Land Department (DLD) has outlined five main pillars for its updated strategic plan, which include: a pioneering real estate model that improves readiness and sustainability in the sector, as well as effective governance; a real estate innovation incubator that fosters a globally attractive sector and utilizes technology to create real estate solutions a data-driven sector that maximizes the value of sector data and promotes awareness, trust, and transparency; Agile DLD, which aims to cultivate a digital ecosystem, enhance DLD operations, improve corporate governance efficiency, and foster partnerships with the public and private sectors; and Exceptional Journeys 2.0, which focuses on shifting to an employee-first culture, refreshing DLD’s identity, and adopting a proactive, human-focused approach. In addition to these pillars, the strategic plan includes initiatives that will be prioritized and implemented with the help of partners and customers, with the goal of promoting the development of a sustainable and forward-looking strategic plan, addressing opportunities and challenges, and supporting the goals of other sectors. The plan is guided by four principles: sustainable impact, local adaptation, global leadership, and cooperation and harmonization.


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