Investing in cryptocurrency vs stocks vs Real estate

crypto currencies vs stock vs Real estate

So you finally made up your mind to invest in something? With so many options today, it can take time to decide which is right for you.

So we are here to get some answers, whether to listen to people who told us to invest in cryptocurrency or stocks or Real estate or decide it ourselves. 

we will start with exploring the difference between

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Stock
  • Real estate

So What is Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a form of currency that exists digitally and doesn’t exist in any physical form. Each transaction is recorded in this public ledger by so many computers around the globe on the blockchain database.

Nowadays people are buying and selling things and services with cryptocurrency.

Crypto is known for its investment option and for being volatile. This means that prices can fluctuate wildly, and it can be difficult to predict what the market will do in the future. However, cryptocurrency has the potential to offer high returns and is not subject to the same regulation as traditional investments like stocks or real estate.

What is Real estate Investment?

Everybody has a  general idea of what real estate investment is.

Real estate (a traditional way of investment) means any physically valued property like a building or land. Which you can buy and hold, flip or rent.

Real estate vs Cryptocurrency

Real estate tends to be more stable than cryptocurrency or Real estate. It fluctuates but tends to do so at a slow pace. Real estate can also be leveraged, which means you can borrow money against the value of your property to invest in other things.

What are Stocks?

Stocks? ( Also known as EQUITY) means a fraction of ownership in a company. Which you can  buy and sell when the value rises.

Stocks are also subject to regulation by government bodies. This means that there is more paperwork involved in buying and selling stocks, and you may need to pay fees or commissions

Stocks vs Cryptocurrency

Stocks tend to be less volatile than cryptocurrency. As mentioned before Stocks are subjected to regulation by government bodies whereas Crypto is decentralized,  meaning they are not subject to government or financial institution control.

As of now, cryptocurrency has less security than stocks.

Where to buy?

Cryptocurrencies. They are bought or traded through an online marketplace ( Cryptocurrency Exchange). Coinbase and Binance are some famous cryptocurrency exchanges.

Stocks. They are also traded through an online marketplace ( Stock Exchange) and a brokerage account in which your details are verified. ADX ( Abu Dhabi Security Exchange) is a Stock Exchange for  UAE.

Real estate. Since real estate is a physical property, it has limitations to making it completely online, there are many agencies that can help you with the process like Luxury assets in Dubai.


Cryptocurrency. Its growth rate is unbelieve over the years, the Bitcoin 2021 returns is around 50 to 60% and Ethereum has a return of 390 to 400% 

Stock. Its has growth in long run, which has been giving a average return of 10% over the years.

Real estate. Its has steady returns over the years. Average property price increased by 8 to 10 % in Dubai, and steady increase for long time. 


Cryptocurrency. You might have seen some headlines that the crypto market jumped or fell based on someone’s tweets,  it is highly volatile


Stocks. Stock is safer in comparison to crypto but that doesn’t mean you are out of risk.

It’s is risker for a beginner.

Real estate. The risk is comparatively low than other options.


Cryptocurrency. The liquidity of Digital currencies varies, Bitcoin and Ethereum are good-volume coins and have smaller capital ones are harder to sell or buy.


Stocks. Stocks are also high on liquidity and fees for trading are low, always has a constant demand


Real estate. Investing in real estate is illiquid. It has a high demand but it is not easy to sell.



Cryptocurrency. Governments are still catching up with regulations since it is new and it would be your responsibility with fraud.


Stocks. Stocks have countless pieces of paperwork to list on the exchange. Have a lot of regulations


Real estate. Since real estate is from forever, the rule and regulations are consistent throughout the world.


In comparison to equities and real estate, investing in cryptocurrencies is simpler. Online, there are many free materials available for those who are new to cryptocurrency. In addition, anyone, including those without access to conventional banks, can invest in cryptocurrencies.  


Investing in stocks frequently requires a large level of knowledge and ability.


While stocks and cryptocurrencies can be invested in for fun, real estate is often not regarded as a low-risk investment. While real estate investment is thought to demand even more expertise,


Cryptocurrency investing stands out as the most accessible choice in terms of availability. Whether or not you have a bank account, it can be done with just a smartphone and an internet connection. Thanks to websites like Robinhood that provide commission-free trading,

Stock investing is more accessible than real estate even while it is less accessible than cryptocurrency. 


Real estate investing is regarded as the most difficult since it demands a substantial investment of time and money and is therefore out of the grasp of many investors.


Investing in Real estate is a Good Idea

Compared to investing in stocks or cryptocurrencies, buying real estate has a number of benefits. 

One benefit is that real estate often increases in value over time, which can result in a larger return on investment than volatile investments like stocks or cryptocurrencies. 

Additionally, real estate investments can generate a regular passive income stream from rental properties, unlike stock or cryptocurrency investments, which might not. 

In addition to these benefits, real estate has the ability to be leveraged, which can boost returns. In contrast to stocks or cryptocurrencies, which are more speculative and intangible assets, real estate investing may also give investors a sense of ownership over the property and a tangible asset.

It’s crucial to keep in mind, nevertheless, that real estate investing has more duties and dangers than stock or cryptocurrency investing.


It depends on your goals and risk tolerance. Cryptocurrency is a relatively new asset class, and it is very volatile. If you’re looking for quick gains, cryptocurrency may be a good option. However, if you’re risk-averse, you may prefer to invest in something more stable like real estate.

Real estate can be a great investment because it is relatively safe and has the potential to generate long-term wealth. It can be a bit more hands-on than investing in stocks or cryptocurrency, but if you’re patient and do your research, it can be very rewarding.

So, there’s no easy answer as to which is the best investment. It all depends on your individual circumstances

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