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About City walk, Dubai

In the center of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is City Walk, a well-known leisure attraction. It offers a vibrant and dynamic urban experience with its distinctive combination of shopping, dining, entertainment, and residential spaces. High-end clothing boutiques, restaurants, cafes, theaters, fitness centers, and a range of other leisure and amusement options are a few of the main attractions. City Walk is a well-liked location for both locals and tourists due to its gorgeous architecture and contemporary design.

Rental trend

City Walk is a high-end real estate neighborhood, and rental trends there reflect the area’s prominence as one of Dubai’s most sought-after areas. Due to its enviable location, first-rate amenities, and reputation as a luxury living destination, rental costs in City Walk are typically more than the norm for Dubai. The kind of property, its dimensions and location inside City Walk, as well as the duration of the rental agreement, can all affect the rental price.

Due to the strong demand for this kind of accommodation, City Walk flats typically cost more to rent than other kinds of homes. The least expensive options are studios and one-bedroom apartments, however larger apartments and townhouses can fetch even higher prices.

In general, City Walk continues to be a well-liked option for renters seeking an opulent and practical location to live in Dubai, and the local rental market is anticipated to stay robust in the coming years.

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Sales trend

Dubai’s City Walk is a premier real estate destination, and the area’s sales statistics reflect the fact that it is among the most sought-after places in the city. Due to its enviable location, first-rate amenities, and reputation as a luxury living destination, City Walk’s property prices typically exceed the average for Dubai.

There is still a significant amount of local and foreign purchasers looking to purchase apartments, townhouses, and other sorts of properties in the City Walk neighborhood. Several elements, including the size of the property, its position within the development, and its general condition, might affect the value of homes in City Walk.

As Dubai’s real estate market has been expanding and changing in recent years, there has been a trend toward rising sales prices in City Walk. The region is regarded as a wise investment for buyers seeking a high-end living experience in Dubai despite the high rates for residences in City Walk.

Overall, City Walk continues to be one of Dubai’s most sought-after real estate neighborhoods, and the future of the local real estate market seems promising.

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The St. Regis Dubai

Dubai’s City Walk is a mixed-use complex with a range of housing, shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities, including multiple hotels. Hotels in City Walk include, among others:

  1. The St. Regis Dubai
  2. Vida Hotels and Resorts
  3. Hotel La Ville
  4. Rove City Walk Dubai
  5. Premier Inn Dubai City Walk
  6. ibis Styles Dubai Jumeira
  7. Occidental IMPZ Dubai
  8. Aloft City Walk Dubai
  9. Novotel Suites Dubai Mall of the Emirates
  10. Ramada Plaza by Wyndham JBR

Schools and universities


City Walk is situated in the center of Dubai, adjacent to a number of educational institutions. The following is a list of some of the colleges and universities close to City Walk:


  1. Dubai British School
  2. Jumeirah College
  3. Dubai International Academy
  4. Emirates International School Meadows
  5. The Indian High School


  1. University of Dubai
  2. Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani Dubai Campus
  3. The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
  4. Amity University Dubai
  5. MODUL University Dubai

Public transportation

dubai mall metro station

Public transportation users won’t have any trouble getting around because there are multiple bus stops on Al Safa Street that are only a 2-minute walk away. Dubai Petroleum Corporation 1 is the closest bus stop, where the C14, 28, 81, and 7 buses all stop.

A metro station is one of the other modes of transportation close to City Walk. The distance to the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Metro Station is only 8 minutes by car. Sheikh Zayed Road is easily accessible by car and can be reached in less than ten minutes.

hospitals in City walk

Valiant Clinic

Top-notch medical facilities are located all around City Walk. Clinics close to City Walk include:

  • Valiant Clinic
  • Emirates Clinic
  • Al Garhoud Private Hospital Clinic
  • Dubai London Clinic Dental Centre
  • Aster Clinic

The closest hospital for emergencies is Aster Clinic Valiant Clinic, which is only a 4-minute drive away. Another medical institution in the vicinity is Emirates Clinic, which can be reached in just 6 minutes by car via Sheikh Zayed Road. Al Garhoud Private Hospital Clinic, a well-liked medical facility, is situated in the Jumeirah neighborhood, 7 minutes away on 165b Jumeirah street. The dental office that is closest to City Walk and takes the least amount of time to get to is Dubai London Clinic Dental Center. Popular medical facility Aster Clinic is located in Business Bay, a nearby neighborhood.

Supermarkets in al barsha

Residents in the area have access to a wide variety of branded franchises that act as grocery pickup locations. Within 8 minutes on foot, there is Holland & Barrett, a British-owned health food store that accepts vegans. It takes 9 minutes to walk to the nearby Spinneys, where there are food counters with bakery items, a fresh fruit salad bar, and a delicatessen. On Al Wasl Road, Carrefour is one of the biggest and nearest supermarkets in the vicinity. It is accessible by car in 6 minutes.

At the front of the shelves at All Day Advantage, a convenience shop in City Walk Dubai, you’ll find bakery items, organic condiments, and gourmet food items. Further inside, you’ll find beverages and other snacks. Residents can visit the neighboring Sheikh Zayed Road for larger supermarket purchases. Within 8 to 10 minutes’ drive, you may discover a number of additional supermarkets, including Caesar, Geant Express, West Zone, SPAR, and others.

all advantage supermarket

Places of Worships

Residents may walk to the neighborhood mosque in City Walk, which is tucked next to the main plaza, in no more than five minutes. The rust-brown facade of this mosque adds a contemporary touch to the artistic surroundings with an eight-foot-tall sculpture of an Arabic script laid on water that mimics the motion of water.

Ahmed Bin Jursh Mosque and Ramadan Juma Mosque are two further mosques nearby that may be reached by foot in 9 and 13 minutes, respectively. In the Al Wasl neighborhood, Masjid Al Noor is a sizable, expertly run mosque that can be reached in approximately 7 minutes by automobile.

Shopping and Dining

A vital part of the development, City Walk is home to a number of upscale shops where fashionistas may revel in the thrill of shopping. International retailers line the boulevards; a few well-known examples are:

  • Ralph Lauren 
  • Karl Lagerfeld
  • Chantelle
  • Sephora
dubai mall

Other popular malls close to City Walk that are accessible to the local populace include:

The Dubai Mall, which has upscale boutiques, dining options, a sizable department store, a cinema, and an ice rink, is the ideal shopping mall and entertainment complex for residents of Dubai. The Financial Centre Road is a straight 6-minute trip from home for visitors (D71).

It takes 6 minutes to drive to the Al Wasl Road Wasl Vita Mall as well. The mall features a wide variety of unique and exclusive flower and perfume shops, coffee shops, shopping malls, and a Carrefour Market.

beaches in Al barsha

City Walk Dubai is located directly on Jumeirah Beach Road, where a variety of beaches are dispersed and available to visitors. Any beach may be reached within a little more than a 20-minute drive. JBR Beach, Barasti Beach, Jumeirah Public Beach, Sunset Beach, Kite Beach, and a number of other beaches are located close to City Walk.

Nearby areas

A mixed-use building called City Walk is situated in the center of Dubai, close to a number of other well-known neighborhoods and tourist hotspots. Here are a few of City Walk’s neighborhood areas:

  • A well-known beachside neighborhood with a selection of eateries, cafes, stores, and other amenities is called Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR).
  • The Walk at JBR is a well-liked beachside location for dining, shopping, and entertainment.
  • Dubai Marina is a thriving waterfront neighborhood featuring a range of housing, dining, and entertainment choices.
  • The Greens is a residential neighborhood containing a variety of low-rise flats and villas, as well as a number of parks and green areas.
  • A variety of office and residential buildings, as well as a number of hotels and dining establishments, can be found in the major business sector known as Business Bay, which is close to City Walk.

restaurant in al barsha

The Victorian Restaurant

City Walk is brimming with places to hang out, cafes, dessert shops, legal bars, and pubs. There are several places to dine in the region, including fine-dining establishments, outdoor dining alternatives, and fast food joints.

You can savor a variety of cuisines, including Mediterranean, International, Arabian, and Asian, at City Walk if you’re intimidated by the number of restaurants serving different types of cuisine. Casual dining options in the neighborhood include the following for both locals and guests to try:

  • Coya Dubai
  • Sarabeth’s
  • Enab Beirut
  • Mint Leaf Restaurant

Outdoor activities, fitness, and beauty

City Walk features a variety of paths, including roads, outdoor arenas, and promenades. Every building has a children’s play area and a swimming pool where you may spend your nights relaxing with neighbors.

There are also palm trees carefully arranged around a pedestrian boulevard in Citywalk Fitness centers. Two minutes away on Al Safa Street are the gyms Diamond, Golden Arrow, and Smart Life Fitness. Five minutes’ drive away, on Sheikh Zayed Road, lies the Bodylines Fitness and Wellness Club. My Gym Children’s Fitness Center is a gym for kids, located six minutes away on Al Wasl Road.

Spas and salons can be found all around the neighborhood. City Walk Dubai’s most well-known ones include:

  • Kerastase
  • N Bar
  • 1847

These distinctive salons are conveniently situated nearby. A 5-minute drive from the center of town is where you’ll find Kerastase, a Parisian company that provides a variety of hair treatment options. Ladies who need nail care services can go to N Bar. Men’s salon 1847 is a 4-minute drive away via 20th Street.

leisure Activities

At Citywalk, locals can take part in a variety of entertainment options and activities, such as:

hub zero city walk

A collision of the real and virtual worlds, Hub Zero offers a variety of entertaining activities, amusing retro games, and a playground with a laser labyrinth for kids and even adults. The ultimate cinematic experience is offered to moviegoers at Roxy Cinema City Walk. Children ages 2 to 10 can play safely indoors at Mattel Play! Town.

Some recreational facilities and significant sites in City Walk include:

  • The Green Planet
  • Coca Cola Arena 


City Walk Dubai is a posh neighborhood with lots of alluring attractions. The following are some of the community’s highlights:

  • Outdoor retail complex
  • Promenades
  • Beautiful parks
  • Children’s play areas
  • Swimming pools
  • Fitness centres
  • Valet parking
  • Coca Cola Arena

On your journey to your destination, you can stroll about this large city in the shadow of gleaming, sleek skyscrapers and get glimpses of sparkling palm palms and fairy lights. The neighborhood has a mystical quality brought by by the eye-catching, distinctive architecture, holograms, statues, and great wall art.

Finding your way in and out of the crowd is very simple, even though one could become lost in the splendor of this mesmerizing environment. On every corner, there are directional signs that point the way to your chosen location, whether it is for dining, entertainment, or shopping. Alongside the outdoor retail complex are dining establishments, stores, pools, and outdoor furniture.

The neighborhood has a distinctive water feature that is referred to as the “fountain show” or “dancing waters,” children’s play areas, and a few platforms that may be used as a location for events like concerts, exhibits, and weekly markets. Residents can unwind by strolling along the lovely boulevards situated beneath glass roofs that emit natural light throughout.


Most frequent questions and answers

City Walk is a mixed-use development in Dubai that features a variety of residential, retail, dining, and entertainment options. The development is known for its vibrant atmosphere and high-end amenities, making it a popular destination for both residents and visitors.

City Walk is located in the Jumeirah neighborhood of Dubai, near the beach and several other popular areas and attractions.

City Walk offers a variety of properties, including apartments, townhouses, and other types of residences. There are options available for both renters and buyers, and prices can vary depending on the size of the property, its location within the development, and the overall condition of the property.

City Walk offers a wide range of amenities, including shopping and dining options, as well as a variety of entertainment and leisure facilities. The development also features parks and green spaces, along with several hotels and other types of accommodations.

City Walk is a premium real estate destination in Dubai, and property prices in the area tend to be higher than the average for Dubai. Despite the high prices, demand for properties in City Walk remains strong, and the area is considered a sound investment for buyers looking for a premium living experience in Dubai. Rental prices in City Walk can also be higher than the average for Dubai, due to the high-end amenities and reputation of the development

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